Is Your Dog a Fussy Eater?

Tips and tricks to encourage your dog to be a better eater

As parents know, you've got to be clever when it comes to getting your little ones to eat the food they should. With our pets, it's no different.

  1. Be firm. If they don't eat, remove the food after 15 minutes and let them wait until the next meal. It's what we call tough love.
  2. Get your dog to show the right behaviour (sit) or get them to perform a trick - they will associate this with feeding time.
  3. Parents eat first. Your pet will get hungry if you dish up their meal after your own. Pets have a great sense of smell. Appetising aromas are just the thing for tantalising their taste buds.
  4. Give them food with the highest level of protein – this tastes the best.
  5. Use stainless steel bowls as plastic ones retain smells and can be off putting

If after all these tips your pet is still off its food, then a trip to the vet is recommended.


Be patient. Your dog wants to eat, you just need to give it a reason to, which may include changing their type of food.

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