Turning around those bad puppy habits

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Bringing up a puppy is similar to bringing up a child; the habits that it learns in its early years will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

In this article we explore the issue of teething, when your puppy just wants to bite anything.

Some tips include:

  • Giving the puppy toys to chew (rather than your furniture)
  • Use a high pitched alarm when the puppy is biting something they shouldn't. They should stop immediately!
  • Biting should stop after six months

Another major challenge is resisting the temptation to give your puppy access to all areas of your home, such as the bedroom. Where you want the dog to sleep as an adult must be where you keep them as a puppy! You need to make it clear from the outset which rooms are fine for the dog, and which are off limits. The more access they get, the more expectant they become that places like the bedroom are also their rooms too.

The kitchen is also an important area to get it right. We all love the idea of sliding a bit of human food under the table to the new puppy, but that can quickly become a habit, and it can get very annoying after a while. Try not to feed them from the table at any time, and if you have to, put the puppy outside during meal times.

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