Meet Dr Scott Miller from Vet on the Hill

Dr Scott is also known as the Vet On The Hill, after his popular series which ran for 5 seasons.

Dr Scott was born in Queensland, Australia and studied to be a vet at the University of Queensland.
Dr Miller has now established himself in the UK and has grown his veterinarian business across three clinics.
Dr Scott is also a regular contributor on British breakfast show, ‘This Morning’ and an author of a book "Puppy Parenting".
He is a husband and father to four children, and pet parent to Skully the poodle cross, Luna and Ricketts the cats, and three quirky chickens.


  • What do you enjoy most about your work with Bondi Vet: I have always had a passion for animals, all creatures great and small. My work with Bondi Vet allows me to work with incredible animals and people, giving me a platform to not only educate and entertain, but also to give a voice to those who don't have one.
  • Favourite Place in the World: Noosa beach, just north of my home city of Brisbane. Noosa has such a beautiful energy, where rainforest meets the coast it a very special place.
  • Favourite Restaurant & Food: Il Bordello - a small family run italian restaurant nestled near the Thames in London, located in a small suburb called Wapping. Great food and old school service by Italians who are passionate about food and wine...delicious!
  • Your First Pet: a budgerigar called Jingles (I was given her at Christmas time and she loved her bell).
  • Best Pet Moment: Going swimming with my dog Skully for her 6th birthday, brilliant fun.
  • What is your favourite past time: Gardening and running, giving me solo time to reflect and unwind while being active...I don't do sitting around.
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