Meet Dr Rob Zammit, our Newest Bondi Vet

Since venturing into the practice by himself in 1980, Dr Rob Zammit, has turned Vineyard Veterinary Hospital into one of the most well known and admired practices of the area. Dr Rob has dedicated his life to not only caring for animals but also teaching others to enjoy that similar passion.

Dr Rob also hosts a weekly podcast called The Doggy Pod which is a must listen for anybody with a four legged furry friend or anyone who just loves dogs.

  • If you weren’t a vet what would you be? Teacher. I love teaching kids and actually do some tutoring (for free) to help kids I do give lectures to students. Doing some research to benefit dogs - the DNA of hip dysplasia. Also doing research to show Dingoes ARE a native wild dog not a domestic dog gone feral
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  • Favourite Place in the World: Positano on the Amalfi coast, Italy
  • Favourite Restaurant & Food: Vue de Monde in Melbourne. Favourite food is any food that I cook and my friends say, “that was delicious!”
  • Your First Pet: German Shepherd. Strauss. Born 19th August 1967. I still shed tears every 19th August
  • Best Pet Moment: Camping with my dogs. Love it every time
  • What is your favourite past time: Scuba diving while my dog guards the boat. Walking along the beach with my dog.
  • What do you enjoy most about your work with Bondi Vet: Seriously LOVE the people I have worked with in Bondi Vet. Real people that don’t bullshit. I also love the opportunity to tell people the great stories about animals

Latest Episodes with Dr Rob


What's On Doggy Pod with Dr Rob Zammit

The gagging dog

Can dogs be bipolar? Dr Rob also explains what it means if your dog gags a lot, it might not be as scary as you think. Dr Rob also talks about what to do if for whatever reason you can’t keep your dog anymore, what is the best thing to do? It doesn’t happen often, but it can. Plus a lot more in this episode.
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Dogs watching TV

Why do some dogs roll in poop? Gross! Find out this week. Also, why do some dogs watch TV and what are they actually seeing. And Dr Rob tells us the sad story of a dog accidentally run over by his owners car. Rob also talks all things doggy specialists. This episode is dedicated to Lilly Coleman
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A roll in the grass

Does your dog roll in the grass? Why do they do that? Find out this week. Dr Rob also talks leashes- retractable vs. standard…what’s the best for your dog? Also, there’s an outbreak of leptospirosis so should you be worried? Plus much more
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What's the time Fido?

In this episode Dr Rob gives a helping hand to a football playing Siberian Husky, and did you know your dog has a sense of time? Also does your dog really need a jacket or coat this winter? And another Fact or Fiction: if your dog has a wet nose, this means they’re healthy….fact or fiction? Plus a lot more. Enjoy
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Who needs a pregnancy test when you have a dog

Did you know dogs can tell if a woman is pregnant? Also, do cats and dogs really fight like cats and dogs? And in this week’s Fact or Fiction- apartment dogs don’t need to have heart worm treatments. Do you know where heart worms come from?
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A dogs blood

Dr Rob tells us about a dog called ‘Lucky’ who was very lucky indeed and the amazing story of ‘Ruby’ the Portuguese water dog who misses her mum and dad. Do dogs get blood transfusions and are there doggy blood donors? Can you use human blood in a doggy transfusion? Plus much more
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