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Ask Bondi Vet - Do dogs get sick if they are taken for walks too early?

In every episode of Ask Bondi Vet, Pete Lazer is joined by one of our Bondi Vets, to discuss the answers to your pet questions.

Pete Lazer - Hello and welcome to Ask Bondi Vet, proudly brought to you by Bondi Vet pet insurance. Pete Lazer with you and one of our wonderful Bondi vets is with us today, Dr. Danni. Dr. Danni thanks for joining us. This is where you can get all your answers for your pet questions and today our question comes from Sam. Sam asks;

“ I have read a lot of things about dogs getting sick if they are for walks too early. When is the right time for me to take my little French mastiff outside”.

Dr Danni Dusek - Ok I think what Sam;s trying to ask is at what age is it safe to take their puppy for a walk out and about and she is spot on, cause there is a certain age recommended. It’s based on when you have your second puppy vaccination, you want to wait at least a week after that before you take them out into the world. There’s certainly lots of viruses and bacteria that they can become infected with when they go out and about if they haven’t had that time for the vaccination to take effect yet.

Pete Lazer - Now is that just for a French mastiff or is that for all little puppies.

Dr Danni Dusek- That goes for all little puppies. We just want to make sure that the puppy’s been covered for dystember virus, parvovirus, hepatitis and kennel cough, cause some of those can be quite prevalent in the environment and can cause really nasty illness.

Pete Lazer - Sounds like Sam wants to get active with little French Mastiff, what else can you do till it’s time to go for those walks?

Dr Danni Dusek - It is really tricky. That period of time where puppies are going through their socialisation phase. So that’s between the ages of 6 weeks, to 14 weeks. So whilst you are waiting for that vaccination to start to kick in things like puppy school are a really great way for them to get that social interaction with other dogs. But certainly the exercise side of it can be a little bit tricky, so ideally if you’ve got a yard at home that you could be playing fetch and tug-of-war and all sorts of things to keep them really active. That’s what I would suggest or potentially getting a friend that you know that has a dog who has been vaccinated and is currently well, then they could come on over for a bit of a play date too. Those are some ways to sort of go around it.

Pete Lazer - Social time with the owners, social time with the friends and social time with little dogs as well.

Dr Danni Dusek - Absolutely, heaven. Love it!

Pete Lazer - Love you passion thanks Danni. Of course if you’ve got any questions head on over to our Bondi Vet Facebook page for Bondi vet, or our website If you’ve got any specific questions make sure that you chat to your vet. Back with more next time, bye for now.