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Ask Bondi Vet - What are some tips for first time dog owners?

In every episode of Ask Bondi Vet, Pete Lazer is joined by one of our Bondi Vets, to discuss the answers to your pet questions.

Pete Lazer - Hello and welcome to Ask Bondi Vet, proudly brought to you by Bondi Vet pet insurance, Dr. Danni one of our Bondi Vet’s has joined us today, hi Danni! This is the place you come to, to answer all of your pet questions and today a great question from Christine;

What are some tips for first time dog owners?”

Dr Danni Dusek - My goodness, the first thing I would suggest is heading down to your vet and having a chat to them firstly about your sort of circumstances to make sure that you are going to get a breed that is going to be suited to your lifestyle and you know future events. So if you are going to have children those sorts of things. It’s also a good idea to have a chat about what the realistic expectations of having a puppy or a dog are. So that can help sort out some issues before they arise and also getting your environment setup, so talking about diet, their general environment in the home and those sorts of things so I guess the next thing I would do is to look into pet insurance and whether that’s something that’s going to be right for you.

Pete Lazer - So many dog owners talk about training, puppy training, how important is that?

Dr Danni Dusek - I think if you are talking about puppy school, I think Puppy school is really important cause it’s that opportunity for them to socialize before they are fully vaccinated. So ideally you don’t want you pup to be going out into the world until a week after their second vaccination. So puppy school is that sort of in between time where they can sort of get to know how to interact with other dogs in a safe environment, so that’s another thing that is really important to do.

Pete Lazer - And first time dog owners, where do they find there first little furry friend?

Dr Danni Dusek - I guess there are lots of places where you can get your first little doggie. I would definitely encourage you to consider rescuing a dog of course there are lots of puppies and older dogs out there that are going to be perfect pets for the right home, so look into that. Otherwise if you are going to go with a breeder just make sure that you are going with a reputable breeder and you know what you are buying from.

Pete Lazer - And once you get your new dog home, what are some of the tips that you give to new dog owners?

Dr Danni Dusek - Firstly give them a really big cuddle. No but after you’ve got them home I think it’s a good idea to just have another trip down to the vet, just so they can check over your pup or your dog and just make sure that they are all fighting fit and also make a plan as far as vaccinations that they may need, parasite control, sort of preventative health care, dental hygiene, those sorts of factors they can all be discussed. And they can also give you some tips on how to go about your toilet training and those sorts of things if you are having a bit of a problem at home. So that I would suggest is your next step.

Pete Lazer - Sounds like a lot of work, but sounds like the reward is unbelievable.

Dr Danni Dusek - Oh absolutely! I mean a puppy is just going to bring you the most joy in the world and having a rescue if you do go down that path, there’s just so much fulfilment in providing them a lovely home when they’ve waited all that time for it. So it’s just beautiful, yep.

Pete Lazer - Thanks for some great advice there Danni. Remember if you’ve got any questions get onto the Bondi vet Facebook page, or of course our website, if you have any specific questions of course make sure you ask your vet. Thanks very much for joining us, bye for now.

Hip Surgery for rescued puppy

2 weeks ago whilst we were in Fiji we rescued an abandoned puppy that we estimate is about 3 months old. She was starving, filthy, covered in ticks and could barely stand or walk. We fed her, washed her, removed all ticks and just gave her love. We called her Pretzel as she was so skinny when we found her that all her bones were sticking out and her hip bones looked like a big twisted pretzel and her long skinny legs looked like Pretzel sticks. Our intention was to find her a home in Fiji but after a week or so she had gained weight, but we noticed that her left hip bone was still protruding and that when she walked we noticed that her left back foot turned out slightly. Also, when she ran she would use both back legs together and hop like a bunny. We took her to an animal shelter in Fiji called Animals Fiji and they examined her and advised that they thought it might be dislocated. They X-rayed her and then sedated her to try and manipulate the bone back into the socket. This was unsuccessful. The vet advised that it appeared that the end of the bone where the ball should be round was malformed either from a trauma/injury when young or by birth. He advised that he does not have the equipment in Fiji to treat her properly and that she would need surgery to correct the bone and to tighten the ligaments to her support her leg. We are exporting her to Australia on the 7th of March and are trying to raise some funds to assist us. We are hoping that you can assistance to find a Vet in Melbourne that could assist with the operation at a reasonable price.