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Tips for newly adopted pets


Trying to get your newly adopted pet settled in?

Here are some tips that you can do to help the newest member of the family feel more welcomed.

Discuss with your family prior to bringing your new pet home

  • Allocate each responsibility such as feeding times, exercise, at home training, grooming and laundry duties
  • Removing and cleaning litter; whether your family members are willing to clean up after your pet
  • Vet care; remembering to schedule your pet for regular check ups and vaccinations

Settling in and setting some boundaries

  • Give your pet some time to get to know the new environment, make sure you don't stress them out
  • If your new pet is shy, let them be the one to approach you and not force interaction
  • Offering rewards when they abide by the rules you have set. Teach your pet positive behaviour such as being patient and polite.

Becoming a social animal

    Slowly introduce your pet to children and never leave them alone together
    Once your pet has settled into the family, take it out to explore their surroundings. Exposing your pet to as many things as possible with positive reinforcement using treats and rewards if they behave appropriately around other animals, children, crowds and people

Fit for training

  • Make sure you train your pet the behaviours you want them to display and do not reinforce negative behaviours.
  • Never punish or scold your pet if they've had an accident. Take them outdoors or in their 'spot' more often instead to avoid more accidents happening
  • Consider enrolling in behavioural group training

Have your family commit to these tips and you'll have a very happy new family member in no time.

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