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Search for the New Bondi Vet close to Final Five


The Search for the New Bondi Vet is reaching the latter stages, with the “Final Five” due to be announced within the next week.

Tens of thousands of Bondi Vet fans have voted so far, with Perth’s Peter Ricci leading the way in the rankings. The vet with the most public votes will be automatically included in the Final Five.

The Bondi Vet producers are busy reviewing all of the Top 50, with the vets being assessed on a number of criteria including their responses to viewer questions, on-screen persona and the unique talents they can bring to the next iteration for the hit TV show.

The campaign has attracted vets from across Australia. Queensland and New South Wales have the most candidates in the shortlist, while vets from Victoria, ACT, South Australia and Western Australia are all in the mix; two vets from Western Australia, Peter Ricci and Bek Outred make up the top two positions in the public vote. Once decided, Bondi Vet crews will be out filming with our shortlisted vets to see how they shape up for a future television role.

Stay tuned to and our Bondi Vet Facebook page over the next few weeks for the latest updates. Voting will close today (Friday 30th of June) at 3pm, so be sure to get your vote in before then at

Top 10 vets as of 0800, 30th June 2017:

1. Dr Peter Ricci

2. Dr Bek Outred

3. Dr Claire Madden

4. Dr Ray Baxter

5. Dr Marty Wray

6. Dr Tanya Caltabiano

7. Dr Simone Maher

8. Dr Rich Seymour

9. Dr Alex Hynes

10. Dr Sue Samuelsson