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Are Samoyed dogs hard to look after?

Are Samoyed's hard to look after in a domestic environment?

Samoyed dogs a notoriously known for being hard to manage and a pain to keep occupied. This is due to them being breed as a Sled Dogs for over 200 years, which means that they inevitably have a lot of extra and unused energy when in a domestic environment.

They are well known for their fluffy white fur which is shed throughout the whole year, this also means that there is going to be a lot of extra house work if you are the owner. The Samoyed also makes sure that it is always being apart of the family at all times, with it's energetic attitude and it's need to be admired.

Often they can become curious when they don't get regular exercise and they may become destructive. Although curious, they will not become aggressive towards young children, but they are known for chasing small animals around backyards.

Samoyeds live for a relatively long time which is around 12-16 years. This means that Samoyeds are looking for an owner who is experienced and ready for a long term relationship.

One of peoples main concerns about the Samoyed is the amount of illnesses that they can become exposed to, these illnesses include Hereditary Glomerulopathy and Hip Dysplasia. Both of these are common genetic issues and can be tested for before you decide to buy a pup.

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