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Voting for a place in the Top 5!


Voting for the New Bondi Vet is off to a flying start!

It's so great to see all you pet lovers and Bondi Vet fans getting behind all these Australian vets. Each and every one of our vets in the top 50 have done amazing work in the community and are very talented. It's now up to Australia to decide the most popular vet to guarantee them a place in the top 5! The leader board is refreshed every hour so keep checking in on the Bondi Vet website.

You still have plenty of time to vote before a top 5 is announced so tell all your friends and family to vote for their favourite candidate for the new Bondi Vet.

So far Tanya Caltabiano is in 1st place!

One of Tanya's fans said on her vet profile page: "She is extremely engaging and inspirational to watch. She is passionate about her animals and her work - she'd make a great bondi vet!"

Currently in 2nd place is Peter Ricci

One of Peter's fans posted on his vet profile page: "Pete is the most genuine animal lover I've ever met! Always helping my parents out when needed whether sheep or guinea pigs big or small Pete is there! Petes unique personality will have Australia wanting more every week"

In 3rd position is Claire Madden

One of Claire's fans posted on her vet profile page: "I've worked with Claire at the Animal Emergencey Service and she is by far one of the most pationate vets. She always puts 100% into every patient she sees and has such dedication to her job. A very friendly vet you can always count on."

Coming in at 4th is John Carles and Prue Hicks

One of John and Prue's fans said on their vet profile page: "These guys put my mind at ease living regionally! My little pup Wendy and I always look forward to their regular visits to our remote little community. They care so much about every little being and couldn't be better candidates for Bondi vet it they tried!"

In the current 5th position is Alex Hynes

One of Alex's fans said on her vet profile page: "Alex is extraordinary, years of experience managing some of the most critical patients, she has saved the lives of countless loved pets. She is the pets advocate, compassionate and caring and is one of the most engaging people I know. Alex is the perfect choice for the next Bondi Vet."

In 6th place is Michael Demertze

One of Michael's fans said on his vet profile page: "Dr Michael is amazing! He's been our vet for seven years, and I only trust my furkids with Dr Michael and his team. He's always charming and super knowledgeable, and he'd make a great host!"

Currently in 7th place is Ray Baxter

One of Ray's fans said on his vet profile page: Everyone loves Dr Ray! I drive past roughly 15 clinics on my way to him because I know he gives the best care, his charisma and charm would make him the perfect candidate to be the next Bondi Vet!

Coming in at 8th is Todd Dewberry

One of Todd's fans said on his vet profile page: "Todd is a wonderful, down to earth person who has an unconditional love for animals and his family and friends. he is extremely dedicated and hard working and one of the nicest people I've been lucky to meet :)"

In at 9th place are brothers Garnett and Max Hall

One of their fans said on their vet profile page: "Garnett and Max are both wonderful and caring vets. Each animal is treated with individual care and focus. An early morning call to follow up on blood results is nothing for them. They both go out of their way to make sure you understand your animal's condition and care."

Currently in 10th place is James Crowley

One of his fans said on his vet profile page: "Dr. James Crowley gets my vote. He has been incredible with my fur family of 3 cats. He is always professional, has a good sense of humour, is empathetic and completely passionate about animals and the care he provides. He is amazing at looking after both animals and their owners."