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NSW And QLD Come Out On Top With Most Vets Nominated!


We have been blown away with how many amazing vets that have been nominated across Australia!

It's clear that all our pets and fur babies are in very good hands. With approximately 400 vets nominated it was a daunting challenge to narrow down a top 50 as each and every one of the vets nominated have done amazing work and have changed the lives of so many Australian families in regards to caring for their pets.

We loved seeing representation from all over Australia from rural area's such as Wallaroo and Wagga Wagga, and then to all the capital cities such as Perth and Darwin. We've even had vets nominated from overseas such as England and Scotland! However, with the announcement of the top 50 it seems there is a dead heat between New South Wales and Queensland with the most nominated vets in the top 50 with 15 vets each! Western Australia is coming in next with 8 nominated vets, then Victoria with 7, South Australia with 3 then ACT and Northern Territory with 1 each.

We now ask all the pet lovers and all the Bondi Vet fans to rally behind their local vets by voting on the top 50 page to guarantee their favourite a spot in the top 5

Meet our wonderful Queensland Vets:

Shane Barrington

Ray Baxter

Anthony Cassimatis

Campbell Costello

Stuart Cunningham

Cam Day

Todd Dewberry

Sarah Jane Goodwin

Alex Hynes

Sam Jones

Dave and Liv Lemmon

Claire Madden

Gerardo Poli

Rich Seymour

Daniel Swan

Meet our Fantastic New South Wales Vets:

Tom Bayes

Laura Brown

James Crowley

Michael Demertze

James Grimson

Lewis Hunt

Simone Maher

Andrew Ottley

Belinda Parsons

Kate Petrie

Andy Pieris

Hannah Plummer

Audrey and Alison Shen

John Thirlwell

Michael Yazbeck