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Vet on tour

Combining the love of animals and boats, Bondi Vet nominee Dr Sheridan Lathe and her husband have abandoned all material possessions to tour around on their new boat, ‘SV Chuffed’. Volunteering at local zoo’s, clinics and animal rescue groups along the way, Dr Sheridan is saving injured animals, educating staff and raising animal awareness all the while gaining the lifetime experience and adventure of traversing the ocean. Dr Sheridan’s journey can be viewed and followed on her website, and YouTube channel.

Here's is what her clients have to say:

"I was lucky enough to work with sheridan at southern animal hospital! She is a loving and dedicated vet. When wildlife would come in sick or injured it was great to have her work her magic and do her very best for them. Go sheridan!!"

"I was fortunate enough to work with Dr. Sheridan as a fellow veterinarian in Australia. She gives all of herself to every animal she helps with a passion and dedication that is rarely matched. She constantly raises the bar and inspires me and everyone who is blessed to know her."

"Dr Sheridan looked after our animals while she was in Bundaberg. She always went above and beyond and couldn't ask for a more professional vet who genuinely cared for every animal she looked after"

"I have been a volunteer at Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital working with Dr. Sheridan Lathe. She is without a doubt the most caring and patient vet I have had the pleasure to work with. She devotes her life to the care of animals in need around the world."

"Dr Sheridan Lathe is an inspirational, kindhearted and passionate soul. Her extensive knowledge of exotic and domestic animals is immeasurable and her informative videos produced in a format that makes the subject extremely understandable.
With her good looks and passion for life there is no better person for the job."