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SuperVets Ray Baxter and Anthony Cassimatis in contention for new Bondi Vet


Could mates and colleagues Dr Ray Baxter and Dr Anthony Cassimatis from SuperVets be going head to head for the title of the new Bondi Vet?

With the search for the new Bondi Vet still going strong two vets have emerged from the same clinic! Both of these manly vets from Manly Queensland, have the experience, the charisma, the passion and the skills, but do they have what it takes to be the New Bondi Vet?

Both these vets have had a number of clients nominate them together as they simply adore them both. Here's what some of their clients have been saying:

bcsouthcott - "The Manly Supervets are: Fun, dependable, punctual, efficient, confident, popular, affordable, professional, neat, friendly, pet lovin', animal lovin', crazy, co-operative, passionate. diverse, multicultural, generous, happy, smiley, prepared, trustworthy, honest, comprehensive, respectable, open all hours, always plenty of staff. They treat our pets and native animals with love and compassion."

genevievethierry - "Our parents drive an hour for us to visit SuperVets Manly. Dr Anthony, Dr Ray treat us as family. They passionately make needles, worming, surgery feel like a holiday at their 5 paw retreat. We have the greatest respect and love for our fur loving Vets. 🐾 Jessica & Angel"

pmurray74 - "Both vets are very genuine, very lovely people who truly truly care for all animals. You always know you are given an honest diagnosis and know your fur babies are well -cared for, especially when they have to stay in the clinic for awhile."

karenmeyer68 - "Anthony and Ray are passionate about providing friendly, helpful, quality health care for furkids big and small at a reasonable price. They provide easy access to vet services by offering a mobile service at no additional cost. They are always happy and smiling as are their staff."