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The Dancing Vet

Could Todd Dewberry be set to steal the show with his moves?

Throughout the search for the new Bondi Vet we have found a number of vets with some surprising hidden talents. Including Dr Danni Dusek who has worked as a singer and actor, Dr Rich Seymour plays the drums, Dr Vadim Chelom is a published author, Dr Mick Quinton is a surfer, Amy Hardwick is a stage performer, Dr Eloise Koelmeyer has worked as a radio presenter and of course Dr Todd Dewberry is a professional dancer!

Eloise Koelmeyer Rich Seymour

(Images: Eloise Koelmeyer & Rich Seymour)

Amy Hardwick Danni Dusek

(Images: Amy Hardwick & Danni Dusek)

All of these amazing vets have been nominated by some very grateful clients and its so great to see these amazing Australian vets not only helping heal our pets but also sharing their talents making the world a more vibrant and colourful place!